Vocational Online Activities
Grace Community Church
1450 Oak St.
Project Notes and Projected Strategies
July 18 - Worked on rough draft of proposal with Werner and Greg.
Enveloped web site for keeping track of progress and needs.
Looked over sem-permanent areas to put sound stage.
Talked about equipment needed.
Researched necessary tools to promote accredited program.
-------------- Next
Test cameras and lighting on good post production software
Research and list needed program logistics
Schedule zoom meeting with people interested.
------------------- July 21--------------------------
Zoom conference with Rense, Greg, and Stan.
Greg suggests we start right away with Val doing our pilot session on signing.
Stan suggest we use an accredited teacher for evaluating the recordings.
We hope to schedule our first recording session this next week sometime.
__Zoom meetings are scheduled to meet each week at the same time on Tuesday at 7:30 P.M. for 1/2 hour. Rense will initiate each meeting and host the meeting by sending a link to emails and cell text.
 --------------------------------July 30----------------------------------------
met with Greg and Werner about making decisions for recording procedures and right motivations for connections with the local Body of Christ.
-Researched venues for videos as well as live instructional videos That will cover 3 different formats.
Video recording, Live interactive zoom, and live youtube class.
----------------------------------August 3 ------------------------------------
zoom meeting with Stan, Werner, Rense.
Discussed sound stage, Puppeteer, Object lessons
Safety first with recording sessions. proper motivation for Biblical influence. Werner talked about books for girls. The Bible Belles.
Stan suggested museums and libraries around the area.
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Homeschooling Grade Book
Grade Book Tour - See how I keep track of what we do!
Renee is our puppeteer and stage manager. She can help you with any props or set changes.
For information:
Rense Miller
Tooney Tales the clown.
Puppeteers Training-Creating a Puppet Voice
How to be a puppeteer - with Patsy May
On Monday, August 10 Tooney Tales will show us how to make simple finger puppets with household items.
Newly painted green screen wall in production room - Saturday,
August 8.
This week August 19 we will be upgrading Sir Tooky the bird to a real live person. He will begin to talk and fly around. Renee is fitting him with movable mouth and flapping wings.
I produced a guitar lesson for beginners and will be making a new video each week.
Overcoming stage fright as a presenter
Ministry to children ideas
How to read stories to children
August 25 - We finished up the; "Simple Puppet Construction". This instructional children's video was presented by; "Tooney Tales".Click here to check it out.
This week of August 24 we recorded Renee with 5 worship songs.
Painted another coat of green on the green screen wall.
Tested a new web camera for story telling and put a chair in the room.
We are working on making the production room more efficient. Here is Renee organizing the closet so we can move some of the supplies into the closet.
August 31 2020
Here I am setup for recording Werner as he reads from the story book:"Bible Belles". I am so appreciative for the many tools that God has given us.
September 8, 2020
My name is Tooky.
Sir Royal Tooky.