Vocational Activities For Experience
These classes are for all ages and give students the opprotunity to learn from professional contractors.
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Vocational Activities - May 9, 2019 - Build a mother's day Flower Box
We made flower boxes for Mother's Day..The young men learned how to safely use power tools and wood products.
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Vocational Activities Soldering 1
Learning about electronic cirucuits and using soldering irons give people the experience of working with electricity safely.
Lighted Truck Parade
Learning to build a float is a fun way to reach out to the community with love.
Soldering Class
This class is for all ages and can help build confidence for future jobs and even repairing home devices.
The video will be posted later.
Welding can be fun and useful. Come join our welding class and learn how to make and repair metal tools.
Each class begins with safety rules that will develop important habits for working with power tools safely.
Making cement walkway pavers can be fun. This class will earn to mix concrete and make decorative walkways.